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Biology - where did this name come from? From the Greek words: βίος means "life", and λόγος ─ "teaching". This means that biology is the science of life, of living organisms that live on Earth. Biology studies how organisms are arranged, how certain organs work, how everything grows, develops, reproduces, where organisms come from and why they live in certain places on Earth. And many many others. It is difficult to study all areas of biology at once. Therefore, a number of independent sciences and directions are distinguished. For example, virology is the science of viruses, microbiology is the study of microorganisms, mycology is the science of fungi, botany is the science of plants, zoology is the science of animals, and anthropology is the science of man.
Each of these disciplines is further divided into a number of sciences. For example, in zoology there are such sciences as entomology - the science of insects, ichthyology - about fish, theriology - about mammals, etc. In botany, there are: algology - the science of algae, bryology - about mosses, dendrology - about woody plants, etc.


Biological sciences are closely connected with physics, chemistry, mathematics, geography. All of them are united not only by the subject of study - nature, but also by the methods used by researchers to find answers to all the questions posed.
The most common methods of studying biology are: observation (allows you to describe biological phenomena), another method is comparison (it makes it possible to find something in the structure and life of different organisms), experiment, or experience (helps to study the properties of biological objects in some under certain conditions), modeling (allows you to simulate many processes that are difficult to observe), the historical method (allows you to know the processes of development of wildlife).
So, you understand that biology is not a simple subject, but very interesting, as it lifts the veils of many secrets that people have been interested in since ancient times.

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