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About me

Hello everyone, my name is Irma Benton.
From childhood, we get acquainted with the animal and plant world. And we often ask ourselves a lot of questions about how everything works. And in order to understand all the points, we need additional knowledge. The science of biology provides answers to all these questions, and many others. In my blog, I write about what I missed as a young naturalist as a child. Where to go, what to look at, how to measure, how to set up experiments, how to record observations, how to look for answers to questions. I actively implement biomodeling.Designing processes and objects allows you to understand how they actually work. Here I cover the direction of biology for people. And if there is some purpose in me, then it comes down to love for all living things and creativity. To ignite love in the hearts of people for our beautiful planet, for its inhabitants, to help see the miracle that every creature is. To instill the thought of the value of each life and the great mutual connections in the cycle.

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