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About the polar bear

Modern man as a biological species - presumably the same age as the polar bear - is about 200,000 years old. Both species, like other living organisms, have the same right to exist on Earth. Unfortunately, quite often a person perceives this right as a privilege, and, being influential, tries to control what is happening on the planet, forgetting that such leadership implies a huge responsibility for the well-being of all species.
On the one hand, a person is not obliged to protect polar bears, but on the other hand, one should not upset the balance and destroy the living conditions of these animals with their activities. Polar bears are part of the species diversity of our planet.
The significance of the polar bear is not only in its attractive appearance. This species did not appear without a reason. In nature, it occupies an extremely important ecological niche - being the so-called. a consumer of a higher order, that is, the top of the food chains and the leading species of the Arctic systems - balances the life processes of marine life. Consequently, the disappearance of the polar bear can lead to serious disturbances in the ecosystem of the entire Arctic. 

In addition, the Arctic is not an isolated habitat, but an important component of the World Ocean ecosystem, extremely vulnerable, with harsh living conditions, whose inhabitants are distinguished by narrow adaptive abilities and have a narrow ecological amplitude. For example, the disappearance of a polar bear could lead to a dramatic increase in the population of seals, which in turn would affect the abundance of fish and crustaceans. 
Further influence will spread to birds, whales and humans. The fate of polar bears is a kind of indicator of the healthy state of the Arctic environment. Unfortunately, it is not known exactly what the disappearance of a polar bear can lead to, so we must be extremely careful and careful in our actions. According to the classification of the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the degree of threat to the polar bear is in a vulnerable position.

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